Educational Advisory   

This option provides short-term advisory support for families who desire assistance with educational planning for their child. I ask to meet with your child individually and review all relevant educational documents so that I can properly assess your son’s or daughter’s needs. My goal is to get to know your child with a focus on his or her personality, affinities, and learning style. After this informal assessment and separate parent meeting, I will discuss preliminary school recommendations, including information about schools of interest and the admissions process. This option includes limited communications to refine your child’s school list and answer questions about next steps in the admissions process. Once the school list is finalized, the advisory is concluded. Families in need of additional support may choose to move to the comprehensive day or boarding school service.

Comprehensive Day School

This comprehensive option provides families with personalized assistance with the independent day school search and decision-making process. I will tailor my approach to meet a particular family’s needs and develop an individualized action plan to guide you throughout the admissions process–initial campus visits to final decisions.

    • Meetings with parents and child.
    • A review of all relevant school documents and any educational testing.
    • Consultations with your child’s teacher(s) and select professionals with important insights about your child with your written consent.
    • Recommendations for appropriate schools or programs.
    • Ongoing communications with parents and subsequent meetings to assist with next steps in the admissions process.
    • Interview prep and mentoring for students applying to grade 6 and up
    • Ongoing communications with prospective schools.
    • Review and discussion of school decisions.

Comprehensive Boarding School

This option is for families interested in evaluating boarding school for their child. This comprehensive package includes the specific steps outlined in the comprehensive day service, as well as assistance with school visit schedules and support for student and parent essays. My role is both as advisor and facilitator for your child with an emphasis on the self-reflective process required of students who choose to apply to boarding schools. I remain a resource for you and your child once your son or daughter transitions to boarding school for the first year.

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Clare Anderson Consulting, LLC, makes every effort to counsel families regarding appropriate educational environments where their child may be successful.   Please Note: Clare Anderson Consulting, LLC, does not guarantee admission to or enrollment at any school.