Who Uses an Educational Consultant?

Families seek advice from an educational consultant at different stages of a child’s schooling for myriad reasons. Some families may have specific question about their child as a learner and choose to work with a consultant on a limited basis. Other families seek the assistance of an educational consultant to develop a second opinion about their child’s academic performance and overall school experience. One family may be in need of an immediate placement for their child while another family may have the gift of time to explore a potential school change for their child within the typical admissions cycle. Many families who are in search of a new school for their child desire comprehensive counseling in a collaborative relationship with a consultant to guide them through all stages of the school search, application process, and final decision.

Specific reasons a family works with an educational consultant may include:

  • Beginning school
  • Relocation to a new area
  • Child is not encountering success in school
  • Child or parents desire a school change
  • Interest in boarding schools
  • Referral to a psychologist for educational testing and therapy, tutor, or other related professionals
  • Questions about potential learning difference or social-emotional challenges
  • Second opinion on child’s academic performance and school experience
  • Overview on school options–day and boarding schools, public, parochial